Find out how On Next can help you


On Next is about making the performing arts and its surrounding ecosystem more transparent and accessible. So many talented artists stay undiscovered, simply because bookers don't have the right resources to find them. Discover how On Next's features can help you improve your game.

Find everyone and everything

Quickly find the right artist or venue.

The search function gives you the possibility to filter artists or venues, their performers and their staff. From now on, you never need to wonder anymore who that classical booker was, or what was the name of that fantastic Christmas performance.

This is how On Next makes your work more efficient and creative:

  • — Quickly find out who’s working where, and how you can reach them.

  • — You can filter on locations, genres, disciplines, duration, job titles, and other details.

  • — Find email addresses and phone numbers on the spot or reach out directly via the built-in chat functionality.


Complete information, more time for creativity.

Think of a set as On Next’s unit of creative content. A set can be a concept, concert, event, performance, or anything else that happens on stage. Both artists and venues can create them. No longer go through outdated season brochures, but always have access to the latest content and information instead.

  • — Share your promo materials, such as texts, photos, audio, and videos.

  • — Searchable through advanced filters, such as genres, disciplines, duration, people on stage, booking periods, and more.

  • — Find new content for your next season.


Offer relevant content by knowing what venues are looking for.

Series should be seen as containers for creative content and can be created by venues. Series give artists insight into how a venue programs, and therefore what kind of content is relevant to offer to them. Directly find venues that are looking for the content you make, and gain insights into programming trends at other venues.

  • — Searchable through advanced filters, such as genres, disciplines, tags, and more.

  • — Find the right series or venue for your program.

  • — Focus your content based on what venues are looking for.


Get to know more about the people on stage.

The performers' profile gives artists the possibility to show who they are and who they are working with. Artists can create a profile for themselves and for all performers involved in their projects. Agencies can add their roster.

  • — Share your promo materials, such as texts, photos, audio, and videos.

  • — Searchable through advanced filters, such as gender, disciplines, genres, location, and more.

  • — Find performers to collaborate within your new productions.


Create your wishlists for your new season program.

Get rid of your notebooks and whiteboards when trying to keep an overview of the artists you want to book for your next season, or the venues that you should still send your brochure to. On Next’s wishlists are a game-changer. Make as many of them as you like, and use them to save your favourite sets, series, performers, or teams, so that you will never lose track ever again.

  • — Always a clear overview of your season planning.

  • — Easily move programs to another wishlist.

  • — Quickly find all the information about the programs on your wishlists.


A chat function, simple as that.

Move talks from your email inbox to On Next. Easily reach out to other On Next users via the built-in real-time chat functionality. All of your creative chats archived in one place, new contacts made more accessible than ever before. Either have a one-on-one talk or start a group conversation with as many participants as you like.

  • — Reach out to people without having to search for their contact information.

  • — Initiate collaborations with other creatives.