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About Us

On Next is a brand new digital platform for the performing arts. We help artists, venues, and agents to streamline their booking process. You can always find and share up-to-date information, discover exciting artists, start new collaborations, and connect with fellow colleagues in this wide network. Think of us as the best assistant you’ve ever had.

On Next is about making the performing arts and its surrounding ecosystem more transparent and accessible. So many talented artists stay undiscovered, simply because bookers don't have the right resources to find them. On Next helps the two connect.

Combined Creatives

On Next is proudly part of Combined Creatives. Combined Creatives creates performances and events with unique people.

Founded in 2014 by Vincent van Kekerix and Dominique Vleeshouwers, two musicians with the dream to gather creatives from all creative disciplines and combine their forces. To create and deliver the most amazing, mesmerizing, and surprising out-of-the-box creative concepts.

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